The Leukaemia Cancer Society is committed to funding cancer research of the highest international standard.

Researchers are continuously working to find ways to diagnose cancer earlier, when treatments are more likely to be successful and to develop new treatments that are more effective and kinder.

We are currently working with the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute (ECSCRI) in Cardiff, supporting the work of Dr Neil Rodrigues. ECSCRI is also home to the national AML trials centre.

We believe that Dr Rodrigues and his team have made important research discoveries that could eventually lead to radical improvements in AML patient outcome.

Dr Rodrigues wrote  “Using funding from the Leukaemia Cancer Society, we have found that a particular gene called GATA-2, a poor prognosis factor when overexpressed in both adult and childhood AML, regulates how AML cells grow. We have inhibited GATA-2 in AML cells using a pharmacological/drug approach and have found that AML cells either die or revert to normal appearance. This is promising news and we are about to publish this work. We are also trying to develop this work further both from a scientific and clinical perspective - we would particularly like to see if we can selectively target the master cancer cell in AML called the cancer stem cell, which drives disease maintenance and appears to be responsible for relapse; if we can target the cancer stem cell we may be able to elicit cure in AML.”