You may be a blood donor, you may even carry an organ donor card, but have you ever considered being a bone marrow / stem cell donor?

Joining the register is something we should all consider.  The cost to the donor is time and compassion. The value of the donation to families affected is immeasurable.

Every year over 7,000 people in the UK have their lives shattered by devastating news that they require a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. Leukaemia and other potentially fatal bone marrow disorders strike indiscriminately and have a profound effect on all concerned. For many patients without a sibling match, volunteer donors offer the only alternative, the only chance of life. 

Patients need a donor who is of the same ethnic or racial background. Also, the number of people of mixed race is growing through the generations and it is increasingly difficult to find perfect matches for those with a mixed heritage. Statistics show that less than three per cent of the total number of donors are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Tragically, most adults and children from diverse backgrounds cannot get the life-saving bone marrow transplant they need because there is no match for them in the registry. More donors from diverse backgrounds are desperately needed.

The more people on the register who are willing to donate increases the chance of a suitable match being found.

Register as a stem cell donor

There are three stem cell registers in the UK that you can join. Whichever you choose, you’ll be registered until your 60th birthday.

Please select LEUKAEMIA CANCER SOCIETY as your reason for registering. 

There are three registers in the UK

Anthony Nolan -  those aged between 16 and 30 can join this register by providing cheek swabs.

DKMS - those aged between 17 and 55 can join this register by providing cheek swabs.

British Bone Marrow Register - Those aged between 17 and 40 can join this register, you will also be required to make a blood donation.


Anthony Nolan DKMS BBMR