To help us achieve our aims. We need the involvement of volunteers throughout our organisation.

Volunteers are critical to the success of he Leukaemia Cancer Society. It is unfeasible for the charity to be able to fund the costs of the skills required. That’s where volunteers come in.

It is important to realise that our volunteers are treated as full team members during their time with us.

What we need volunteers to be

  • People who are willing to learn new skills
  • People who can respect confidentiality
  • People who are sympathetic to the needs of people
  • People who can commit themselves to a few hours a week or fortnight

What we offer to volunteers

  • Regular support and supervision
  • Payment of out of pocket expenses
  • A chance to meet people and learn new skills

Why Be a Volunteer

It's not for money, it's not for fame, 
It's not for any personal gain,
It's just for love of fellow man,
It's just to give a helping hand,
It's just to give a little of oneself,
That's something you can't buy with wealth,
It's not medals worn with pride,
It's for that feeling deep inside
It's your reward down in your heart,
It's feeling that you've been a part
Of helping others far and near. 
That's what makes one want to be a volunteer!