The Council Chamber was packed out to witness this year's winners receive their certificates, which were presented by author Adrianne Roy. Ten-year-old Kate Kelly Head, of Hazelwood School, North London, took the first prize at this year’s competition: twenty pound National Book Tokens, the published LCS Book of Short Stories named after her winning entry ‘IMPACT’ and a certificate handed over by this year’s judging author Adrianne Roy, who had the exciting task of judging this year’s competition.

A BIG thank to Adrianne for taking the time out of her busy schedule to support this event. Our 2013/14 Short Story Competition has been a great success. We were overwhelmed by this fantastic response to the competition: we had a very difficult but exciting task short listing the stories! Adrianne Roy commented on the high standard of entries, particularly mentioning the use of some incredibly sophisticated language and imagination presented by many outstanding young writers.

Stories were written in response to this year’s theme - ‘Happiness’ . We would like to thank the many Schools who submitted entries; we really hope you enjoyed bringing the LCS story competition into your school. Congratulations to all winners and those who were shortlisted. For Copies of ‘IMPACT’ please contact us using the contact form below. Photos on the day were taken by