The desperate family of 6 Year old Alex, have launched a worldwide appeal to try to find a stem cell / bone marrow donor who can save him .Alex suffers from a very rare genetic disease that affects his immune system.

"A bone marrow transplant is Alex’s best chance of beating this”, says his mother, Stella Georgiou Turkova, “for that, he needs a blood stem cell donation from someone who is a match for his tissue type.”

A persons tissue type is an inherited characteristic which is passed on from parents to their children and research has shown that the chances of finding a matching donor for a patient is greater if the donor is from the same Racial/Ethnic background and descent. Alex is of Greek Cypriot and Czech ethnicity so we are specifically targeting these ethnic groups, but a match could literally come from anywhere. Joining the stem cell / bone marrow registries is easy. If you are lucky enough to match Alex or one of the many people waiting for that lifesaving match, that’s when you alone will have the opportunity to give someone else a second chance of life by donating some of your stem cells, which your body will quickly replenish. We assure you that there are no long-term effects of being a donor. Contact us and we will guide you all the way.

People of ethnic origin are very under-represented on the register, people do care but need to show it. Take personal ownership, act NOW and sign up. Imagine if your mother, your best friend, even your child needed a stem cell or bone marrow transplant but could not find a match? And all because too few people of the same ethnic origin are on the register!

The Leukaemia Cancer Society is asking people to do something amazing: Register to save a life. It could be Alex’s or someone else’s!
The Leukaemia Cancer Society has helped save many lives.You too have that gift. Please register now and become a lifesaver. “

For more information on how you can help Alex and others like him, please contact us.