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Martha D Lewis

Martha and Eve accepted our invitation to become Patrons of the Leukaemia Cancer Society and pledged their support to the cause.

When Martha and Eve initiated the British Born Cypriot Talent Show, its key purpose was to raise urgently needed funds and awareness of the under representaion of Mediterraneans on the Bone Marrow Donor Register also to encourage new talent from the community to come forward, this aim was definitely achieved. The popularity of the first show has been successful in building the events strength and appeal, providing a platform for the charity to promote its work.

Martha Lewis is a London based British Born Cypriot composer , musician whose musical journey began on guitar at the age of 8. Significant landmarks in her early journey were leading her first semi-pro band at 14 and completing a B.A.(Hons) in Performing Arts at University. Martha went on to begin a career as a Live session musician and vocalist in London.

IN 1989 , Martha created - with Eve Polycarpou - the much acclaimed music-comedy duo ‘Donna and Kebab’ . The duo rapidly accumulated TV and Radio and Theatre credits nationally and Europe wide.

In 1995 , re-named ‘Martha and Eve’’ , the duo focussed their attention on their prolific song writing skills and have recorded 3 albums , a club single and a DVD of their show “LIVE at The Shaw Theatre’. This long standing musical partnership continues.

Martha leads, composes and tours with ‘Cafe Aman’, her band of world & contemporary music. The ‘Café Aman’ journey 2007 continues with the release in July 07 of the CD ‘ Martha Lewis Cafe Aman - Double life'.

"Lewis' unique crossover style , trademark passionate, sonorous vocals and haunting melodies lie on a bed of sonic Mediterranean beats” BBC Radio

Also as a composer, Martha has received numerous commissions for music work including The Arts Council, The London Arts Board, PRS, Music Festivals, several theatre plays, a short film and 2 documentaries.
Martha recently presented a documentary for BBC Radio 3 on ‘Rembetika , The Greek Blues.’

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