Dr. P Theocharous | Leukaemia Cancer Society

Dr. P Theocharous

Since we asked Doctor Panteli Theocharous to join our Team of Medical Experts, he has taken time out of his busy schedule to support the Leukaemia Cancer Society. Doctor Theocharous has been a keynote speaker at a number of events including a presentation on stem cells and bone marrow transplantation, at the central London offices of AMEC. We are now delighted to welcome Doctor Theocharous as Patron of the Leukaemia Cancer Society.

Doctor Theocharous has kindly agreed to address questions posted to the Doctor on the charity’s Discussion Forum. The support of expert medical professionals like Dr Theocharous is crucial to our work and we are very grateful for his support.

Doctor Panteli Theocharous is an experienced translational Cancer researcher who has successfully completed two University of London postgraduate degrees including one in Cancer Medicine, field of Clinical Studies. Panteli joined Johnson & Johnson PRD as a member of Global Regulatory Affairs and QA four and a half years ago. During that time Panteli supported the VELCADE (bortezomib) programme and was intimately involved in helping to secure the approval of VELCADE for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma.

Prior to joining J&J, he held the position of Director of the Clinical Laboratory of Cellular Therapeutics (including adult stem cell, umbilical cord blood and islet cell transplantation) within the Department of Haematological Oncology at the Royal Free Hospital in London (including links with leukaemia sufferers John Triteos and Anna Georgiou), and then the Head of Developmental Studies at Onyvax Ltd., a Biotechnology Company in London developing biological Cancer Vaccines. He serves on various editorial boards and is also the Chair of the Cell & Tissue Evaluation Committee and a Member of the International Society for Cellular Therapy Executive Committee.

In addition, Panteli has been involved in several Cancer-related initiatives during his time in Biotech (which included securing funding from the European Commission), as well as establishing collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders and Investigators. In his present capacity, Panteli is a responsible member of the VELCADE global clinical team dedicated to assist in the development and execution of medical strategies and the clinical and operational implementation of a complex compound programme.