Just having someone with whom to talk can be therapeutic and makes a tremendous difference to their wellbeing.

The Patient Befriending Scheme has been developed and is managed by LCS to help people with cancer and their carers. The scheme provides visiting by trained volunteers to patients living at home or in hospital.

One of our team of approved, volunteer, Befrienders visits the patient on a regular basis to have a chat and perhaps a cup a tea but most of all just to be someone who will break the monotony and isolation that so many people endure.

Become a Befriender

To become a Befriender requires training. Though a generous time commitment is involved, the payoff for the individual is immense. You will learn basic interpersonal skills that will be available to you for a lifetime.

A Befriender is a friend who accepts, listens, supports, and encourages another...without judging, without giving advice. Befrienders are not counselors. They are there mostly just to let the person know that someone cares. Do you know of anyone who has the gifts to become a Befriender, who is a compassionate person with good listening skills? Encourage that person! If you are such a person, offer yourself!

Befrienders are:

  • Willing to commit a regular time, say an hour a week, for a given period of time
  • Interested in learning more both about themselves and about the skills of caring, listening and compassion

All applicants will be screened and undergo a full police check before being inducted into the Befriending Scheme. There will be some training and guidelines given before you are introduced to a person identified by LCS as someone they feel would benefit from having a regular visit from a befriender.