We will be marking this important milestone by launching Med Appeal, an awareness campaign with a key aim: to increase the pool of lifesaving stem cell donors. A stem cell donation is often the only successful lifesaving treatment, but only if a match can be found. With this in mind, we believe that not one single person suffering with blood cancer should die because of a lack of a match. Thousands of people die waiting for a matching bone marrow donor every year; a very large number of these people are of Mediterranean origin. People are losing their fight against blood cancer simply because they are Cypriot, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, they are dying SIMPLY because they are of Mediterranean Origin! Less than 1 per cent of the 800,000 donors on the UK registries are Mediterranean. We need to address this! Could you help us arrange a recruitment drive at your place of work, college, university etc? There are no long-term effects of being a donor – except that great feeling of knowing that you helped someone out. We are asking for your support to make people aware of this. Contact us for more details: http://www.leukaemiacancersociety.org/content/contact-us