Are you Registered as a potential Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Donor? If you are thank you. However, it is vital that you update your registry with any change of address or long stays abroad. If we do contact you, you might be one of many potential matches or you may be the only match. It’s critical that you can be contacted right away. A patient is counting on you!

A young man registered with the Karaiskakio Foundation, Cyprus Bone Marrow registry, but now working in the UK was called upon for confirmatory typing. Because his contact details had been updated we were able to make contact. In the comfort of his own home, our volunteer phlebotomist took a blood sample which has now gone to the Karaiskakio Foundation for further testing. Because we could make contact this young man may now be some patients only chance, some childs mother's  lifesaver, some family's hero. 

Confirmatory typing (CT) is the preliminary phase of donation. It is when the patient’s clinical team have identified a shortlist of potential donors and request further blood tests across those in the group in order to establish which donor is the best possible match for the patient.