Hello my name is Kellie Dove.
I am raising money for Leukaemia Cancer Society as funding for this charity
really helps so many people of all ages and from all backgrounds, including the
family of a close friend. Hannah is the daughter of a good friend, she is a
23yr old young lady who was diagnosed on 12th September 2016 with Acute
Promyelocytic Leukaemia, [APML]. APML is a form of Cancer which affects the blood producing cells in the bone marrow.

She had been feeling fatigued for several weeks and experiencing abdominal
pain. In early September, she started to become dizzy and began vomiting but
the initial medical assessment was that it was probably food poisoning.
Following a week of becoming further unwell, the next medical assessment
recommended further analysis and she was admitted to Addenbrookes hospital in
Cambridge where her blood test results indicated a severe case of leukaemia.

Hannah was desperately ill and unfortunately within 24 hours
of treatment her breathing began to worsen quite rapidly, an extreme side
effect of the ATRA medication. Hannah was transferred firstly to intermediate
care, but after a further 24 hours her lungs had become fully saturated and she
was unable to breathe by herself. She was safely placed on a ventilator and
transferred to intensive care, just two hours into her 23rd birthday.

Following further investigations, it transpired that Hannah
had suffered a minor stroke whilst on the ventilator and had lost most of the
use of her right side and some of her eyesight.

Over the next few days Hannah started to display some small
steps of recovery from her stroke and was transferred to the Teenagers and
Young Adult Cancer ward [TYA] at Addenbrookes hospital.

As Hannah’s blood results were so extreme the constant
priority for her medical team was to try and carefully maintain her
bleeding/clotting balance, however, after a couple of weeks of further
recovery, Hannah unfortunately suffered another significant trauma with a major
loss of blood to her colon and spleen and she was rushed back into intensive
care and yet again placed on a ventilator.

In December, following a lengthy delay post-induction phase
to help her colon to partly recover, Hannah commenced her consolidation phase
receiving Arsenic Trioxide and ATRA and her daily regime since then has
consisted of receiving further treatment and learning to walk again following
her stroke.

Thank you for taking the time to read Hannah's story.
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