Affected by a Blood Cancer? We are here to help

A diagnosis of a blood cancer/disorder can have a dramatic impact on a person’s life. LCS is here to help you, your family and your carers throughout the journey - from diagnosis, treatment to recovery. At times it can be difficult to cope with the emotional stress involved. The LCS Support Services staff can provide you and your family with much needed support during this time.

Emotional support/counselling

There is a ‘lets just get on with it’ attitude among people affected by cancer, but there is an alternative. Counselling has made a really positive change to many peoples life’s and it can do the same for others.

Support groups network

Support Groups are about sharing thoughts and feelings, information and knowledge. Most people find that sharing their feelings does help. In order to help as many people as possible, LCS needs to expand its network of support groups. If there is not a group in your area, perhaps you, a relative or friend would like to help start a group.

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