Today, Friday 22nd March, Bengu is undergoing a possibly life saving bone marrow transplant. Bengu’s family were overjoyed to hear that a young man has the bone marrow match that she so desperately needs. Bengu is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Now, with the news of a bone marrow match for Bengu, the family have been given new hope. Bengu’s bone marrow donor is a 36-year-old young man, who the family have hailed as their “hero”. In November 2012, Bengu headed a huge campaign urging potential donors of Greek, Cypriot or Turkish origin to come forward and register. Over 2000 people responded. The Leukaemia Cancer Society has been working with the community to help raise awareness. It was hoped that by raising awareness of Bengu’s condition, more and more people would donate blood and bone marrow and therefore the possibility of finding a match would increase. Thank you to everyone that supported this campaign.