22nd March 2013. The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived!!!

I am so happy right now that I could burst, and I am definitely the happiest little sister ever!!

As you read this I am at the royal free hospital at the bedside of my sister whilst she is having her bone marrow transplant. Thanks to the selfless act of a young man out there somewhere (we don’t know who or where he is) my sister has been given the chance to live. Thank You! Words cannot express our gratitude for what you have done for my sister and our family. I want you to know that today and forever more you are a lifesaving HERO! You are our HERO! You are the one who has given her another go! Without you my sister would probably not be around for much longer, so today I cry happy tears, tears that have changed from ones of upset, pain and sadness over the past few years where I had to watch her struggle through pain that was so unbearable that I just wanted to hold her tight and make it all go away!! But today I am laughing, smiling and crying buckets of happy, joyful and thankful tears and I only hope that one day we get to meet you in person and give you the opportunity to see what you gave us back!! A happy, smiley, energetic, enthusiastic, inspiring beautiful young lady who is my sister.

On behalf of all of us I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our family and friends for their support through this long journey, especially charities & organisations that have helped with campaigns, the volunteers who organised events and those who attended events and signed up. Its So amazing to think that so many people gave up their time to register, spit or donate blood to help try and save lives. Now can you see how important it is that we all join the register, this could happen to any one of us, we never ever dreamed that this could happen to us, but it did and we have been to hell and back.
We are so eternally grateful that we now have another chance to live and love and we thank all of you for your kind messages and well wishes over the past few years.
Bengu is doing well! Bless her! She's in good spirits and is looking forward to her come back and I am looking forward to having my sister back, so we can enjoy the fun things in life once again! The next few months are critical but we hope that soon enough she will be back to her old self!

Thank you so much to everyone!!! I wish you all love, happiness and most of all good health!!!